Your Session Guide

tips for better photos, styling advice, and what to expect from me

I am ALL about real authentic moments, true love, genuine smiles, and serious romance. My job is to capture emotion in a way that can be felt for years to come.

I want to capture your lifestyle, not just the way you look and I want your heart to swell every time you look at your photos!

Every session is a little different depending on location.
With all that being said I will never put you in a position that makes you feel afraid or uncomfortable! Your overall experience is my top priority.




I want to encourage you to wear something that you feel comfortable and fits your style! I will also have included a link to a Pinterest board I created that is full of outfits ideas.

I suggest wearing colors that you know will stand out against the location we are shooting in. But no bright distracting neon colors and nothing with a distracting logo or pattern. I also have a small but growing client wardrobe where you can pick as many dresses as you want to try out!

Please do not hesitate to ask for style advice I actually love suggesting outfits!

find outfits ideas and inspiration here!

Check out my client wardrobe here!


please read the following together

I am all about capturing feelings, not poses. I want your photos to feel like YOU. I do not expect you to know how to look cute, playful, or natural in front of the camera. I realize that while I take pictures all the time that this may be a new experience for both of you. It is totally ok to feel a little nervous before a photo session (sometimes a beer or two helps, if that’s your jam)

When we first meet I take a little bit of time to get to know you before pointing a camera in your face. Most of my sessions we hang out, talk, wander around, take some photos, and repeat. I do not expect you to know what to do, but you are always welcome to do what comes naturally! During a session you will typically hear me say things like “skip towards me holding hands, now pause there, squeeze her tight, kiss her on the forehead, now pick her up and spin” and so on.

Your main job is really just to focus on each other and allow this to be a time your not worrying about anything else. It should feel like a fun date night and time to connect while remembering why you love each other. As long as you can do that I will capture your love in the most authentic way.


I want these photos to be 100% authentically you and no one else. I can only capture that if you let me. Remember how you interact when you're alone together. Do you cuddle up while sitting next to each other? How do you hold hands? I will guide you but I want you to show me your true selves

Do you make fart jokes, play games, and laugh? Do you stare into each other's eyes and talk about your favorite qualities? I want to capture that realness whether it's goofy or serious or a mix of both. Do not focus on what you think you should do, just do you!

If you enjoy dressing up, rocking that fancy dress, and looking stylish then go for it! But if you normally don't wear heels, why wear them now? Just make sure whatever you choose to wear is something your ok running around in, climbing on things in, or being picked up in. Wear something you feel most comfortable in, something that is true to you.


In fact just forget the word photo shoot all together. I am here for you! It it so much more than just taking photos my goal is document your love. Forget anything you know about professional photography, let go of the pressure to look good in front of the camera and like I said before focus on each other!

I am such a huge fan of fun candid and spontaneous moments. That could mean the wind messing up your hair, you stumbling and your partner catching you, dirt on your dress, or maybe you need help on and off a log I’m having you walk on. Those real moments are everything I am about.

We do a lot of walking and wandering around during these sessions and most often my favorite photos are from those in between moments. So leave the bags behind I can carry small things for you like a jacket, cell phone, or keys but having your hands free will give you more freedom to focus on each other.


In-Home Sessions

I wouldn't call shooting in your home an adventure but I still love these sessions. I believe in home session are THE best way to capture a couple in their truest form.

Home is where you are most comfortable, where memories are made, and where your love resides. When shooting in home sessions all the same rules apply when it comes to being yourself and dressing comfortably.

I want to see what you do in your home together. Do you drink wine, cook dinner, cuddle with your dog, or listen music while relaxing?

The more you incorporate YOU into your session the better I can do my job at capturing your relationship in the most authentic way. Of course I will still offer my guidance while leaving the real moments up to you.


Every couple is different and I want to create something that feels true to you. Please understand that I will never ask you to step past your comfort level and I work hard to make sure you feel safe during your session.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to call, text or email me.