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I specialize in adventurous elopements and my goal as your Redwood National Park elopement photographer is to make your dream day come true. This day should be all about marrying your best friend in the most epic place. My job is so much more than just taking photos, I do everything I can to make sure your wedding or elopement in Redwood National Park is the most incredible day you could ever imagine. One of my favorite parts about being an adventure elopement photographer is being with couples who are experiencing a place for the first time or being with couples in a place that holds so much value to them. Sharing my favorite places in the world with some amazingly adventurous people is something I will never take for granted.

I really do believe that your wedding day should be yours, it doesn't have to look like anyone else's day. This day should be about celebrating your love and commitment you have for each other in the most authentic way possible. It takes a brave person to choose to elope. Saying no to tradition and doing something with intention that makes your heart and soul happy. Others opinions on how you want to commit your lives to each other should not matter because at the end of the day this is about two adventurous souls who are wildly in love.

Elope in Redwood national park// adventure elopement photographer

Adventure wedding photographer// Zoe Steindl

how I photograph your elopement day

I photograph couples with a photojournalist approach because I believe that is the best way to tell YOUR story. From start to end your elopement day will be documented beautifully. I do not pose you but instead prompt you while giving you some guidance. By doing all this I am able to show the characteristics of your unique relationship, the photos will be full of emotional depth that will leave you loving them for years to come. Before I started shooting weddings + elopements I would travel on my own and take photos of stunning landscapes. This helps me in a huge way because over time I have mastered blending together jaw dropping backgrounds with couples looking to elope in nature. Your elopement day will be full of genuine intimacy, adventure, and love. I love to hike and Redwood national park is the perfect place to have a hiking elopement or engagement session!

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