Because your day deserves to be documented beautifully.

Once your wedding day is over the only thing that’s left is going to be your photos. And I totally get it… weddings are expensive so some people think the best way to cut corners is to skimp on a professional photographer but after investing so much time, energy, and money making sure your day is absolutely perfect how much would it suck to get back some mediocre photos that don’t fill your heart with joy when you look at them.

And think of it this way yes you are investing in me but I also invest in you. I spend countless hours before, during, and after your wedding making sure you have everything you need from me. I spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on insurance, software, new gear, maintaining my gear, back up gear, and continuing education so I can grow as artist and business owner to better serve you! (uhm am I missing anything else?) But you get the point! This is literally my livelihood. It’s how I pay bills, put food on the table for my family, fuel my car, or even pay those occasional vet bills (cause if you know me you know my dogs are crazy lol)


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