How I Increased My Website and Blog Traffic Using Tailwind and Pinterest

If your a blogger, photographer, or even a small business owner and you aren't using Tailwind for Pinterest you are missing out on some serious exposure. Plus once you have it all set up you can pretty much let your Pinterest go into auto mode giving you way more time to focus on other more important things. Best part is you can always start with a FREE TRIAL OF TAILWIND.

Pinterest is a GREAT business tool and has helped my website gain a decent amount of exposure. But I have the secret to help you master Pinterest and that is Tailwind! Tailwind automatically post the pins you choose and adds them to a queue, once you build up that queue you can sit back and let Tailwind do the rest of the work for you!

One thing I love about Tailwind is that it has a feature that makes it post a pin you schedule at a time that it will receive the most impressions, so literally like I said it requires little effort once you have it set up. No more guessing about what to pin and what time to pin either. Tailwind has this thing called Tailwind Tribes (which are great) There is soooo many tribes on Tailwind related to any niche your in. Basically a tribe is full of members in the same niche who share quality content for you to add to your Pinterest boards! You can also share your content in the tribes as well so it gets re-pinned by other members thus automatically increasing exposure.

I started off my Pinterest account with about 0 followers lol, I am up to 200+ now in less than a month. I know its not a crazy number but considering the little amount of time and effort I have had to put in, it's been amazing!

As far as Pinterest analytics goes I'll break it down below. And if you want to try out Tailwind click here!

1. Impressions

My impressions went from 403 impressions and 289 viewers on April 1st. Now for the past few days they have been in the 2k range but I also have pinned a crazy amount in the past week. I am now at 2,363 impressions and 2,041 views. You can see my average impressions and views in the dark gray box below!

 2. Monthly viewers and engagement

Pretty straight forward here. When I first got Tailwind I had 2,587 viewers on the first of the month with only 120 people engaged. Now at the end of the month l'm at 29,649 viewers and have 1,326 people engaged with the content I am putting out there. I would like to see my engagement numbers have the same growing trend at the views but I am still happy with how much they increased since starting out! 

3. My own content's impressions

This is all about the stuff I pin directly from my website, my own personal work and content that I put out there. It varies A LOT and increased directly after posting a new blog post because I pin it like crazy using Tailwind so it gets out onto the interweb. On the first of the month I had 111 impressions on my own content and 91 views. April 28th, the highest peak on there I had 2,145 impressions and 1,925 views. And looking at google analytics for my website 15% of my traffic is coming from pinterest... That started off at zero, so its been pretty cool to watch it grow.

I want to reiterate I increased all this from using Tailwind! If I had been doing this with just the Pinterest app it would have taken away some valuable time from other things. If your not sold on Tailwind you can always try it for free with no commitment but after seeing the growth it had brought to my website and content I will for sure be getting a membership! If you use this link HERE you'll get a month free to try it out and see how you like it. Fair warning though once you learn it you'll love it!