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Intimate weddings + Adventurous elopements

Adventure elopements and weddings are my jam, its all about marrying your best friend in the most epic and beautiful way possible.


My Promise To You…

I promise to care so much about you and your wedding day that’ll honestly I’ll probably cry at some point. I always feel more than fortunate enough to experience some of the most beautiful places celebrating epic love.

I promise to be there for you. I know you’ve probably never planned anything like this before but luckily I’ve had my far share with planning more than a few. I will help you get through this process as stress free as possible.

I promise to give the utmost attention to details. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned but I do my very best to make sure you have the most wondering wedding or elopement day possible therefore providing you with the best photos I can deliver.

I promise to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. I will capture your day in way that tells a beautiful story of the day you decided to commit your lives to each other. Your photos will be romantic, emotional, true to life, and timeless.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you want to elope in Big Sur, Yosemite, Moab, Sedona, Iceland, Bali, or anywhere else in world I promise to capture your day in the most beautiful way possible. Fill out this quick form and let’s plan your greatest adventure!

Meet Your Photographer


My name is Zoë and these are my pups, Atlas and Goose, and my boyfriend Dylan. I’m a Florida native so I strongly believe thats why my drive for adventure is so high. I’ve spent my whole life thus far getting the heck out of Florida and exploring as much as possible. I love rock climbing, hiking, star gazing, and sailing (I lived on a sailboat while in college, it was amazing!) When I’m not out traveling you can usually find me at home cuddling with my 2 pups, eating all the foods, and probably watching The Office on repeat.

I have big plans coming up in 2019 involving becoming semi-mobile and living on the road part time aka van life! This means I’ll be able to keep finding those off the beaten path locations for adventurous couples to enjoy and I could not be more stoked!