This is me in all my sun burnt, wind burnt, post 7 hour hike up an active volcano glory. I live for this stuff and by that I mean leaving the hostel at midnight to catch a bus to meet a guide at the base of a massive volcano, start hiking up in the darkness with a few other strangers in an unfamiliar place. Getting half way there and realizing your only half way... Walking those final steps across the ridge line to the summit to view the sun rays peaking out on the horizon line and you can see all the other summits around you illuminate from that fiery pink-orange glow. Taking it all in and saying "I did it" looking around realizing you're half way around the globe from home and standing on top of the world. These are the moments I live for. This trip to Indonesia will always hold a special place in my heart, it was the first time I traveled to the other side of the planet and did it by myself. It was a proud moment for me, trekking up this volcano as well as the overall trip in general and I think it's when my passion for capturing adventurous moments on camera ignited. Of course this isn't the only big adventure I've gone on.   

As a kid my family and I traveled all over the southeast camping in an RV and racing dirt bikes but it wasn't until I started college when I really began to travel; I have been working on luxury private yachts as a stewardess for the past 4 years. It was an amazing opportunity for free travel but I was never home, I missed countless holidays and birthdays. But I now can say that I've been to every piece of floating sand in the Bahamas and Caribbean. I journeyed from California and slowly made my way down the coast of Baja California all the way to Costa Rica via yacht. But my favorite travels have been with my boyfriend, Dylan who I've known since middle school! We love to camp, hike, climb, and drink beers. We are both obsessed with our pups, Atlas and Goose, and all other dogs for that matter... Being from Florida it's hard to do all this in state so we try and do as many trips as possible and we usually bring Atlas along. I've hiked some of the tallest volcanoes in Indonesia, trekked up some 14ers in Colorado, lived on a sailboat while in college, swam with whale sharks in Mexico, backpacked around most of central America, and hiked part of the AT. Being outside and exploring is what I live for. And those moments where you get to say "I did it" are something that i'll never take for granted.